There is nothing worse than realizing that you have just lost your car keys. Your mind goes blank, trying to remember where you last placed them or saw them. Who do you call?

Due to advanced electronic theft deterrent systems in most all modern vehicle keys, you have fewer choices. A spare key at home is the best solution, but that is not always available. You must now find a professional automotive locksmith who can service your car or have it towed to the new car dealer. The dealer may have to order a key from the factory and schedule your car in for service, meaning that you will be without your vehicle for days or weeks. Your car may also be damaged by the process of towing it. Many vehicles over 10 years old can not be serviced by the dealer as codes are no longer available as well as the programming tool being obsolete.

A professional automotive locksmith such as Dr Auto Lock can go to your car and originate a new key as well as programming the key to the car. If you have a German vehicle, you are stuck going to the dealer and ordering a key from the factory. The Germans are still fighting the war, refusing to realize that they lost. We can service some early VW and Audi cars up to 2005. Some recent model cars may also require dealer service as the programming software for our tools has not yet been released.

Beware of very low production vehicles like Jaguar and others. These vehicles are so rare that most locksmiths cannot justify the cost of equipment to service these vehicles. All GM, Ford, Chrysler and almost all Asian makes can easily be serviced. Hyundai and Kia have been changing the type of keys they use so often that they have created a nightmare for the owners of these vehicles. Ford and Chrysler have both used the same key design for quite some time ensuring easy serviceability. GM has made their key systems very serviceable as well.

Calling a locksmith at night, on a weekend or holiday is going to be more expensive than during a weekday. Just because someone offers 24 hour emergency service does not mean that you will not pay a premium for that service. When you are in a rural or sparsely populated area, you may have to contact a locksmith from a distant city. The equipment to service modern vehicles is extremely expensive and cannot be justified by small town locksmiths.

The best policy is to demand two or more sets of keys when you buy your car. Also demand that the new car dealer supply you the key code and pin code for your vehicle and keep these codes in a safe but accessible location. Just think of being on vacation, 800 miles away from home, and you lose the keys to a Mercedes or BMW. You are SOL and will be with out your car for quite some time. It will be the vacation from Hell.

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